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Pros of Professionalism

Inns of Court partnering with The Florida Bar Henry Latimer Center of Professionalism to present the Pros of Professionalism, November 15, 2022.

Left to right: Mr. Ty Roland; Mr. Joseph Coleman; Mr. Ed Cheffy; Hon. Judge Hugh D. Hayes; Ms. Rachael Loukonen, president of the Michael R.N. McDonnall Inns of COurt; Ms. Ita M. Neymotin, regional counsel, Second District Court of Appeal and president of the Calulsa Inns of Court; Mr. Scott Beatty; Hon. CHief Judge Michael T. McHugh; Ms. Kara Rogers; Ms. Deborah Cunningham; and Mr. Henry Lee Paul.

Ms. Loukonen; Ms. Rebecca Bandy, director, Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism; Ms. Neymotin; and Hon. Kathleen Smith, 20th Circuit Public Defender.


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