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Meet Our [Law] Suits: Dorohn Frazier

For over 13 years, Dorohn Frazier has been a treasured employee at The Florida Bar. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Dorohn later moved to suburban Orlando in high school. He eventually moved to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University, graduating with a double bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance. He later returned to FSU for grad school, earning an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Dorohn Frazier
Dorohn Frazier

Dorohn started with The Florida Bar back in April of 2008, working as a public information coordinator. In this position, Dorohn has worked on many different tasks and projects. Earlier in his time with The Florida Bar, a large portion of his work came from his involvement with the Pro Bono Service Awards, which recognize attorneys from across the state for the work they have given their communities. Dorohn would start by posting the criteria for individual awards and then collecting nominations that would be deliberated over by committee members. After the event, he would then write up a detailed summary about all the different winners. Eventually, the Pro Bono Service Awards would switch to another department, and Dorohn was an integral part in ensuring a smooth transition.

Currently, Dorohn works on the Reporter’s Workshop where 24 reporters receive an invitation to learn from The Florida Bar about all that goes into covering the courts. Dorohn works on selecting the individuals to participate while also securing panelists and moderators to speak at the 2-day event. In addition to that, he also coordinates a Speaker’s Bureau which pairs volunteer speakers get paired with organizers that wish to have them speak at their respective events. Currently, the Speaker’s Bureau program is in the midst of a relaunch in the very near future. When Dorohn is not working on a specific project, he spends his time helping answer phones for the communications division.

In speaking about his work, Dorohn notes just how essential professionalism is in his position. When handling issues from callers, Dorohn tries to deal with their problems as if they were his own, as he strongly believes that they should be taken care of in the same way that he would expect if he were calling in himself.

In his everyday life, Dorohn spends time practicing his faith. Dorohn holds a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for how God has helped him through his journey in life thus far. For those who are unaware, Dorohn was involved in a severe accident as a college freshman, which resulted in his paralysis from the chest down. While this was a particularly trying time in Dorohn’s life, he gives credit to his faith for keeping him strong as he adjusted to his disability and the obstacles of life in a wheelchair while continuing to thrive.

Dorohn also spends his free time writing poetry, a hobby he has had for over 20 years now; his poetry is an expression of observations of the human experience, society, politics, entertainment, family, and friends. Aside from poetry, Dorohn likes to read memoirs and other non-fiction works, with some of his favorites being Manchild in the Promised Land by Claude Brown and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. Dorohn is also a big fan of films. Some of his favorite movies are Hurricane and Shawshank Redemption. One fun detail that many people do not know about Dorohn is that he is also a big Rodney Dangerfield fan and loves watching movies like Back to School and Caddyshack.


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